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September 7, 2020

Make it happen – Focus on success 

How many times have you envisioned a short-term goal, worked hard here and there, and yet failed to materialize the dream? If your answer is never, then either you never set goals for yourself, or you are that one in a million individual. 

The hard fact is that we often fail to achieve our goals, short and long term, because, along the process, we lose sight of the success we envisioned. We somehow fail to hold onto our mindset and hence let go of the goal that meant so much. 

Element insight

There is a lot of humanitarian aspects that come into play when chasing success. We have many humanitarian resources at our disposal, such as perseverance, hard work, smart thinking, confidence. The proportions of these vital resources might vary from person to person, but we somehow manage to gather our share of these virtues and deploy them in achieving our goal. 

That force to drive these virtues and maintain their levels throughout the motivation. Humans are undoubtedly fickle-minded and struggle to stay dedicated to their goals. This lack of motivation is what hinders success and detracts us away from making things happen. Some tips to stay motivated below and touched on in our blog post titled “Today’s Choices Effecting Tomorrow”

Stay focused on success means results

Staying motivated is what allows us to chase after our goals. Yet it needs to be ably supported by other aspects. We need to prepare and plan our hard work and cook up a real recipe to achieve success. (just a metaphor! there’s no real recipe here)

1. Playing to our strengths

What would happen if a fish judges its caliber on how good it can climb a tree? Well, it would be disappointed. There is a reason why coaches form a team based on their player’s strengths. Indeed, we can work on our weaknesses and better them, but why not focus more on our strengths and capitalize on them? 

Not only would playing to our strengths benefit us in getting closer to achieving great results but also choosing a career or creating a life direction, short term or long term goal to making the most of our strengths will keep our motivation levels high. Things need to be a challenge; we need to be stretch as individuals and growing is part of the process but not so challenging the goals are out of reach and unrealistic.

2. Taking ownership

What do most people resort to after they face failure? Well, excuses. They are a failing man’s best friend. Blame others, throw up excuses, or just blame your dumb luck, whatever makes you swallow the bitter pill more easily.

But true success never enshrines those who resort to excuses. Instead, it is more likely to come to those who take responsibility for their actions, owns up to their mistakes and accepts short term failure is all part of the process, especially if we’re attempting something new, something we’ve never done before. There is a lot of truth in the saying, “if you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried”.

Taking a great deal of ownership in our daily ventures, successful or not is empowering. Taking ownership will not only form the learning curve we so badly require but also provide that all-important motivation and keep you focused on the target, with real wins being “real wins” not just preverbal pats on the back for participation.

3. Fight for your wants

The bulk of the success stories we know or hear about have happened because of the unputdownable fight they put in to achieve it. Our pursuit of success must be fearless. Even if we do not have the necessary aids and the comfort zone we desired, we must not get bogged down and weary. 

Alternatively, we must be more resilient in our fight to achieve what we want. Someone wise once said that it is our fights that determines if we are a success or a failure. But we further stress that it is our fights that decide our success.

4. Prioritize happiness

Making it happen will lose all value if there is no happiness associated with it. Make sure that whatever goal you envision and whatever motivation drives you ultimately leads to your happiness. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to fight for your needs, take ownership, and make it happen in the long run. 

Driving for success means experiencing the great feeling that fills your heart and soul. Success comes in so many different shapes and forms, it should fill you up inside, empower you, strengthen your impression of yourself and undoubtably put a proud smile on your face that comes from within.

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