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What is the length of stay?

We offer flexible stay lengths to suit your individual requirements. You can stay with us as long as you want, but the minimum length of stay is 1 night, please note that the prices may vary depending on the season.

Do you provide laundry facility?

We take care of all the linen and towel laundry and we also have a laundry service on site.

How far is it to Cornerstome Bali?

Co-working and Co-living are on the same site located just far enough from tourist trade, in the heart of the local Balinese village community. Walking distance to local amenities, 10mins form larges gym in Bali, 15mins form beach, 35mins form Ubud and Dempasar airport.

Do you have a room with 2 single beds?

Sorry we do not. The space is designed to have double beds and real king-sized beds.

Is it Bali safe? I hear news about earthquakes in Indonesia?

The short answer is Yes! Bali is considered safe, Bali’s international airport and resorts are open as usual. Indonesia is prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes because it sits along the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Pacific – a volatile seismic strip. It has over 100 active volcanoes, which can erupt with little or no warning. The truth is, if you’re scared of earthquakes, then you should stay away from the entire Ring of Fire — including Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, western Canada, California, and western South America — at all times.

Is high speed WiFi in the living space or is just at the coworking space?

Through the Magic of the internet and some serious technology, the coliving space enjoys the same high speed wifi as the coworking space. You’re on the exact same network.

Can I cook my own food in the kitchen?

You are more than welcome to cook you own food, we also offer a big fridge to store your groceries and containers. Many of the guests cook and do community dinners. If you would like to organise an Indonesian feast, our coliving manager can also arrange this.

Can I smoke in the house?

Sorry No. Smoking is not allowed, you are able to use a dedicated smoking area outside of the Coliving Space.

Do you have a safe box?

Yes, all rooms have a secure safety box that you can setup your own security code.

If already in Bali can your driver pick me up from the hotel in currently staying in?

Yes, just let us know where your staying and our driver will be happy to pick you up, included in your stay.

Why is the photo of the passport needed for SIM card registration?

Indonesia recently changed the law where you are required to register your SIM card with a photo ID. To help speed up this process we will request a copy of your passport so your SIM card is ready for your stay. Activation can take anywhere from 1hour to 8hours depending on the mood of the telecom company. You will need an unlocked phone for the card to work.

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