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September 11, 2020

Extraordinary Blogs

Nowadays, a lot of people want to go online and publish posts but is their content up to par? Probably not. Now onto the big question – What sets apart the good and the great? A great blogger needs to have a way with words. This skill is helpful in transforming basic ideas into an enjoyable piece. Not every writer has this skill and that’s quite unfortunate.

The business of blogging

Everybody can write but not everyone can blog. It would pay to be both a good writer and a blogger. A person who’s a good writer and knows how to blog makes a great impact on the readers.

Are you just getting started and wish to get up-to-speed quickly? Here are some tips to transform you from a good writer into a great blogger:

  1. Network with other bloggers, especially those that are already more established in the industry. This will open doors for you to meet new clients and get into partnerships. Don’t be intimidated.
  2. Find inspiration to write regularly because you won’t always feel motivated. You have to publish posts even when you don’t feel like it
  3. Set deadlines and manage your time well so that you finish editing and publishing your posts on time. Pay attention to the length of posts and make sure that you include graphics to make them more attractive.
  4. Find a niche and build your brand around it. Proper branding makes the difference between a good blogger and a great blogger.

Mistakes that stop writers from becoming great bloggers

There are obviously so many competitors in the same niche as you and so you have to do your best to stay afloat. Doing your best means avoiding errors that could cost you your customer base. Some of the common mistakes that bloggers make include:

  1. Coming up with ideas that excite only you. Your blog posts should target a larger audience
  2. Forgetting to get personal with your audience. Find ways of solving their problems and ask them to take action
  3. Digressing from the main point. Repeat your argument again and again until you’re sure that you have your audience’s undivided attention.
  4. Choosing very broad topics that have so many details. Find a specific niche and get an appropriate topic on it then start writing.
  5. Not using headers or following an outline. The result is disorganized content that is often sub-par. Ensure that your article is structured
  6. Not using data or examples to back up your points. Carry out prior research to get evidence to make your posts more convincing.
  7. Not posting consistently. Come up with a calendar to help you establish consistency.
  8. Publishing blogs that have lots of errors. Take your time to proofread your work before posting. Re-read it after you’ve already published and make necessary updates to it.


Some people cannot believe that its possible to earn a living from blogging. They might feel like it’s a very easy job that just involves sitting in front of the computer all day. What they don’t actually know is that it takes more

One really needs to stay committed to the process if they wish to become a great blogger. One is required to learn other miscellaneous skills so that they’re able to do more than just writing. For example, it pays to know how to market your blog and using things like affiliate links to grow your brand. Learning SEO is also very important in growing your site’s ranking.

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