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A new world of networking

At Cornerstone-Bali we are so much more than just a coworking and coliving space. We’re a community; a lifestyle; a bountiful blend of inspiring guests from every corner of the globe. We’re everything you could want from a communal meeting point. We’re transient and cosmopolitan, with a constant colourful stream of amazing people flowing into our space, all connecting and engaging on a multitude of different levels.

We regularly host events with and for our community, including masterclasses, community BBQs, skill-sharing sessions, networking events, and social meet-ups. Check out our event page or our social media for more information.

Indonesia is a developing country, so things like power, water, internet and utilities that are taken for granted in most Western countries are less reliable. That’s why we’ve built an infrastructure with as much redundancy as possible, including six dedicated business-grade internet connections to ensure a high quality, reliable, and consistent service for our community, and for you.

Connect with our community

At Cornerstone-Bali we believe in the inspiring power of people. Develop your business knowledge and personal network as you enrich your spirit through meaningful connections.

Everyone benefits from Cornerstone-Bali. You might want to learn new things for yourself from the workshops and guest speakers. Or, you might even become an event host, sharing your knowledge on a topic of your choice—however niche. Like the founders intended, Cornerstone-Bali has the potential to not only build yourself, but others simultaneously.

This opportunity to mingle and network with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs is second to none. As you meet a fascinating array of people, set against a tranquil Bali banana field backdrop where the birds sing every sunrise and sunset, you’ll be asking yourself why you’ve never visited before. 

How do I get involved?

Here are some ways to get more involved:

  • Become a member of Cornerstome-Bali
  • Join our Facebook community—let everyone know you’re here, don’t be shy! Past & active members only.
  • Ask our team to help you host your own event and share your skills.
  • Buy someone a coffee and share a desk together.
  • Introduce yourself to new people and make yourself known.
  • Participate in events like our monthly BBQ—one of the best ways to have fun and meet members.
  • Join us for social drinks every Friday, or a Members’ Lunch during the week.

If you’re facing working challenges elsewhere, need to learn new skills or just have an awesome idea for an event, then we have the facilities and the team to back it up.

Our community hub is a place where people connect in Canggu, giving our members a true sense of belonging. This invisible asset enables everyone to focus on their latest projects, find their balance, and connect to some amazing people, all while exploring the magical island of Bali.

Once you are a member of Cornerstone-Bali Bali, you become a part of the fabric of its community, able to influence its life, projects and growth. Profit from memberships and events flows back into the Cornerstone-Bali community as well as a selected group of grassroot organizations and community outreach programs in Indonesia.

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What other people have added
Cornerstone Bali fitness session
Fitness session We focus on keeping both the body and mind in condition. Why break your day to take time to travel to the gym? Leave your laptop set up at your desk allocated to you for the whole day. Our staff will look out for it, while you jump into a class, shower and back at your desk before you know it. We offer fitness classes on site available every morning and every afternoon.
IDR 80.000 Include it!
Cornerstone Bali airport transfer
Airport transfer You can identify us straight away. We’ll be waiting for you with a bright clear name sign and big smile. Our driver will collect you and ensure your are met with hotel staff for smooth check in… or/and they will ensure slick return to the airport on your departure date.
IDR 250.000 Include it!
Gavin and the scooter
Scooter We recommend using a scooter to feel the true freedom available to you in Bali and witness the beauties of the rice fields, waterfalls and sunsets at your own leisure. We offer great options for weekly, monthly and even yearly rental. Savings 15%, 45% and 55% respectfully (send us a email for yearly rental).
IDR 50.000IDR 1.150.000 Select options
Laundry by kg To allow you take advantage of your time networking. Don't worry about going through multiple changes of clothes. Just place in one of our laundry bags, hand them over to our staff before 12am and we'll have them washed, dried and back to you the next day.
IDR 18.000 Include it!
Cornerstone Bali breakfast
Breakfast Choice of:
  1. Two eggs (cooked to your choice, poached, scrambled, fried) with Rye bread and salad.
  2. Smoothie bowl, topped with berries granola and banana
  3. Fried breakfast (sausage, beans, egg) and Rye bread.
All served with fruit juice!
IDR 50.000 Include it!
Cornerstone Bali lunch
Lunch Choice of:
  1. Tuna salad (black pepper and choise of balsamic, olive oil, lemon, Dijon or Rosemary)
  2. Tomatoes and mozzarella salad (choice of balsamic or French dressing)
  3. Chicken breast salad (season of your choice, Caesar, garlic, paprika, lemon, sweet chill)
All served with fruit juice!
IDR 100.000 Include it!
Cornerstone Bali Simcard
Simcard SIM card ready and waiting for you, pre-loaded with data and minutes. Simply slot it into your phone and your instantly connected on arrival.
IDR 250.000 Include it!
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