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September 1, 2020

10 best places to take a break

Looking for a break from the hectic routine of work? Don’t know where to go? Interested in finding places to give you those butterflies in your stomach? 

You could be spending your time being inspired, topping-up on your creative flair, and repositioning your enthusiastic verve. 

1. Gorges National Park Black River

The national park of Mauritius is an incredible place, including distinct ecosystems. It is one of the best places ever for an artist or a travel blogger. It has spectacular and gorgeous blossoming Orchids flowers and long adventurous hiking tracks which are waiting for you as soon as you step out the car. The benevolent shore of Big Black River is a wishful place for you due to its vast colorful panoramic view. The national park gives you a deep insight into nature by the waterfalls and wide variety of natural habitat contained within the park.  

2. Ko Phangan

One of Thailand’s most beautiful and active islands consists of river shore sand beaches, startling hills, and glorified jungles that inspire you as an entrepreneur or an innovator. Ko Phangan is the exact place to visit during a break because the way nature creates hills, jungles and provides new perceptions, calming your mind while contemplating your complex business issues. The full moon parties, live music, and fire rope skipping make your time meaningful and full of learning, through meeting an energetic bunch of worldwide travelers from all walks of life. Swimming releases a hormone endorphin called the happy hormone. This hormone boosts your brainpower, reduces stress and there is nowhere more beautiful to swim or dive as in the crystal-clear pure green sea waters of this island. It’s also offering some of the best diving sites in Thailand. 

3. Tbilisi

A glorious city of Georgia is in the United States, magnificent with its ancient and modern cultural background. Allow your artistic ability to prosper in this city of ancient culture. Full of artworks, which to some extent, are the reflected images of some extinct sophisticated cultures. This city allows you to enjoy the oldest vines in upscale poolside bar services of the majestic hotels. Witness the ups and downs of the spectacular river Mtkvari (Kura) from your balcony. You can enhance your online consulting job experience in Tbilisi’s featured hotels due to their soothing and ecofriendly environment ambiance.  

4. IIe Aux Cerf’s

The largest private island in the Flacq district of Mauritius offers you a large golf course. The blue-sky environment covering adds a feeling of resilience and calm to your mind. It gives you the most relaxed environment where you can enjoy BBQs and parasailing to get a bird’s eye view of the isle. Food lovers’ senses will be tantalized by the turquoise lagoon and mouthwatering grilled fish served at its beaches. A very calm and soothing environment helps you to find your deeper self and inner creative side. 

5. Hilton Island Coast

The Hilton Island beach in the South Carolina state of United States is spectacular for solo and family trips, with natural forests, sandy seashores, and playgrounds that make it absolutely suitable for families. You can enjoy your leisure time with your family, independent of any shortage of luxury and away from busy tourist spots.

6. Kona Kai Recourse

This luxurious spa located in San Diego, United States, is a resilient place for digital marketers in a private suite that provides VIP balconies and a beautiful garden view. It can help you catch higher value customers by arranging executive meet ups in luxury hotels with VIP hospitality. Its soothing nature makes it beneficial for family or solo living. This resort now becomes the first choice of visitors due to its beautiful natural marina location. The visually impressive lavish green gardens of Kona Kai Resort give you a soulful attachment to the place. 

7. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal of Siberia is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the world. The natural scenery surrounding this lake resulted in Baikal Lake being registered as a world heritage site. Lake Baikal’s spectacular land and charming nature with lush green surroundings and transparent blue waters are waiting for you with birds chirping to captivate your soul. Complimented by the nearby cities that have the best hospitality features like free private parking stands, cozy rooms with Italian furniture and one of the pleasant features as you step into the hotel, your luggage is immediately carried by an attendant.

8. Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz

The green hill of Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz of Austria, where you could take your eco-warrior, is the only visiting castle that captivates its visitors due to its great location. It’s located thousands of feet above sea level and can be viewed from a distance of 30 km away. Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz is providing you the opportunity to observe nature from a different perspective at high altitudes as if you’re living in the skies. Its main objective is to give you fresh Austria clean air and a superbly healthy living habitat.

 9. Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island in the southwest of Florida is an affordable place to visit. It provides you with a complete package of life on a small island. An island covered with art galleries, restaurants, shops, and seashells along the shores. You can enjoy the stoop game (which is the term for the bent-at-the-waist posture used to collect seashells on Sanibel Island, which bills itself as one of the best shelling locations in the world) in the white sand with your family or companions. The island is full of enthusiastic people who come here to spend leisure time with gusto and energy. You can feel it wherever you go – great energy to lift you in your thought process. Rent a bike (as car driving is banned on the island) and visit one of the many seafood restaurants scattered within a five-minute ride. Traffic congestion is never a problem!

10. Sukhothai City

Sukhothai City is one of the best places for a designer. The city of Sukhothai on the river Yom in Bangkok provides fanatic views for photography. As a creative designer this city consists of amazing photographic places where you can capture captivating panoramic photographs. The grand temple of Buddha “Sukhothai Historical Park, Old Sukhothai City” and the circumventing atmosphere fascinates and draws spectators to this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Final thoughts

Humans cannot work like machines- we all need downtime, a break from work to spend some time recharging. Even if we’ve already found that ideal work-life balance, exposing ourselves to the most beautiful remaining natural environments will fill your heart and soul with new energy.

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